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tpan fennecmark – update

A quick update on what it took to get this showing up on the graph server.

As Aki tried to get this going, he kept running into issues. I looked into it and found out that he was using perfConfigurator.py to generate the config:

python PerfConfigurator.py -v -e /media/mmc1/fennec/fennec -t `hostname` -b mobile-browser --activeTests tzoom --sampleConfig mobile.config --browserWait 60 --noChrome --oldresultsServer graphs-stage.mozilla.org --oldresultsLink /server/bulk.cgi --output local.config

So I do this, run the test and it spits out a number. The problem is that it was not sending data up to the graph server as Aki pointed out in the console output (notice there are no links on the RETURN: graph links):

transmitting test: tzoom: 
		Stopped Sat, 13 Jun 2009 09:58:37
RETURN: graph links


Completed sending results: Stopped Sat, 13 Jun 2009 09:58:37

After poking around I had no luck, so I asked Alice (who is the talos/graph-server expert). She had me try two things:
1) increase the # of cycles > 1 (I did 5 for the trial)
2) edit run_tests.py to include ‘tpan’ and ‘tzoom’ in the list of tests to look for (filed bug 497922)

That did the trick. I got output to the graph server and we are all set. All that remains is to check in the raw code for fennecmark.jar. This will be done in aki’s talos-maemo repository.

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