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n900 and sip calling

while spending a lot of time with my n900, i have found it not very useful as a sip phone because the lack of dtmf tones for a sip account. on my n810 i could call into conferences just fine, but the n900 will not allow me to enter the conference number.

i did some googling and found:

looks like i need to update my os to make this happen.

*blogged from my n900 and fennec*


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Fennec proved more useful than Opera

Yesterday while driving to Mountain View from Oakland we were trying to find some dinner in the general Mountain View area. I pulled out my omnia II, launched Opera, and found a Thai restaurant in Palo Alto! Unfortunately with Opera I was unable to get a google map to load…FAIL.

I had a build of Fennec that I was using for mochitest development on the filesystem, so I launched it and tried to do the same search. Fully expecting a crash or two, I was surprised when I got search results in the same perceived amount of time as I did on Opera. The best thing was I could get a google map and zoom in/out to get the details I needed to figure out how to get to the restaurant.

End result: Fennec saved the day and proved itself as a useful browser. Time to clean it up and release Alpha4!


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