Lost in Data – Episode 3 – digging into alerts from an uplift

Yesterday I recorded a session where I looked at alerts from an uplift.  I did a lot of rambling and not a lot of content, but there are a few interesting differences between uplift alerts and normal alerts:

  • a 6 week snapshot
  • we try to match them up historically
  • there should be pre-existing bugs
  • a lot of time there are odd things
  • we need to account for differences in build/configs between trunk and aurora/beta.

If you want to take a look at this, the link is on air.mozilla.com.


I do plan to do more episodes soon, a few topics of interest:

  • understanding the noisy tests (bi-modal, noise)
  • comparing talos on android to the new ported tests to autophone
  • running talos locally and interpreting the results
  • looking at intermittent failures in general- maybe with a focus on Talos issues.

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