re-triggering for a [root] cause- version 2.0 – a single bug!

Today the orange factor email came out- the top 10 bugs with stars on them 🙂  Last week we had no bugs that we could take action on, and the week before we had a few bugs to take action on.

This week I looked at each bug again, annotated them with some notes as to what I did or why I didn’t do anything, here are the bugs:

  • Bug 1160008 Intermittent testVideoDiscovery
    • too old!  (from last week)
  • Bug 1073442 Intermittent command timed out
    • too old; infra issue (from week before last)
  • Bug 1121145 Intermittent browser_panel_toggle.js
    • too old!  problem got worse on April 24th (from last week)
  • Bug 1157948 DMError: Non-zero return code for command
    • too old!  most likely a harness/infra issue (from last week)
  • Bug 1161817 Intermittent browser_timeline-waterfall-sidebar.js
    • fixed already
  • Bug 1168747 Intermittent 336736-1a.html
    • resolved (via skip-if in manifest)
  • Bug 1149955 Intermittent Win8-PGO
    • too old (from last week – someone looking into it now though!)
  • Bug 1158887 Intermittent test_async_transactions.js
    • reopened – fix landed recently- re-triggering doesn’t seem helpful 😦
  • Bug 1090203 Intermittent style-src-3_2.html
    • to do work
  • Bug 1081925 Intermittent browser_popup_blocker.js
    • test is disabled now (from last week)

It is nice to find a bug that we can take action on.  What is interesting is the bug has been around for a while, but we noticed about May 21 that the rate of failures went up from a couple a day to >5/day.  Details:

  • started out re-triggering on m-c.  We could see a pattern on a specific merge.
  • did re-triggers on m-i.  20 was inconclusive, and then triggered 20 more for each job- the results were still inconclusive.  There is no increasing pattern based on a specific chanageset.

I might try a full experiment soon blindly looking at bugs instead of using orange factor.

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