Looking for long term trends and patterns in how I work

Early last year (2013), I noticed I would work really productive for a couple weeks, and then get in a rut for a week here and there.  After discussing this perceived trend with Clint, I started tracking it every week (end of work day on Friday).  I have been tracking it for a year, and now I have data to examine in more detail:


For the first part of last year (through September 2013), I would go in 6 week cycles which appeared to be about 1 week after the uplifts.  Oddly enough I wasn’t doing any specific work for uplifts, but I do recall a lot of odd issues that required debugging for each uplift.  Quite possible the day or two spent handling these issues resulted in me getting backlogged on emails.

Oddly enough when I transitioned from full time mobile automation -> full time performance automation, my cycles became more regular.  One exception was a focused project development week early in 2014 which had me doing other tasks and getting behind on a few other projects.

There is no direct correlation in the health data, but I have some theories.  I record my general feeling of health (for the most part physical, not emotional).  This is pure judgemental and there is no science behind it.  10 is good, 0 is bad, so when there is a dip in health on the graph, I usually see an increase in email volume the next week.  No explanation for that, just an observation.

In summary, I have enjoyed looking back on this data.  It was good to see a trend for most of 2013.  Maybe next year I will see a different trend or pattern.


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2 responses to “Looking for long term trends and patterns in how I work

  1. I love the idea here, but I am confused. 🙂

    What does the # of emails refer to? Backlog? What does ‘per’ mean? What does ‘moz’ mean? Why do you think mail volume (whatever it is, exactly) is a good metric for productivity in your case?

  2. elvis314

    oh, you don’t think 100% like me- I guess my writing has room for improvements!!

    ‘moz’ = work email (Mozilla in this case)

    I probably manage my email differently than most do- my inbox is my todo list, if an email comes in, I take action on it, or keep in my inbox until I am done with all action on it.

    For me, managing my queue of things I need to do is a good indicator of my work load.

    I just took a look at my ‘health’ and when my emails declined it appeared my health increased the following week. Maybe there is a macrocycle in there somewhere.

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