work in progress – turning on reftests in the new native UI for firefox on android

The latest builds of Mobile Firefox are switching to using a Java based UI, which means the tests that depend on a traditional window environment and backend XUL will most likely fail.  In general we have mochitests and some talos tests running, but reftests are a huge piece of testing that hasn’t been working.

In bug 704509, I have a patch to get reftests working with a Java front end.  This is really just using the XUL backend, but making it work with the limited support we have for addons and XUL, here are some differences:

  • I am using a bootstrapped extension
  • the reftest code needs to specify the window and document we are using
  • I am not using a commandline handler, all options are set as preferences
  • There is a nasty hack to attach our reftest <browser> to the default <window>

I need to make this work with our current reftest harness for Firefox.  So most of these changes will need to be cleaned up to work in a way acceptable to everybody and minimize the special case hacking for android.

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