Work In Progress – making Talos easier to run

This quarter I became the proud owner of Talos (well at least for a quarter or two).  Over the last few years talos has not had much churn, but this year (2011 proper) we have seen addons, responsiveness, xperf, mozafterpaint and experiments with eideticker.  With all of this talos has grown and more people are working on writing patches for it.

So there are plenty of efforts underway to refactor talos to make it easier to expand.  This is fine and dandy, but for a developer wanting to help out or reproduce a bug it is next to impossible.  We have standalone talos, but that still requires some effort and hacking.

If you are interested in running talos, or if you have some pet peeve that you have encountered while running talos please file a bug, comment on existing bugs, or let us know in #ateam on irc.

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