talos pageloader now supports timestamps using MozAfterPaint

Today we rolled out changes to talos such that tests that use the pageloader (chrome, nochrome, tp) will have the option to report the page load times after we receive a MozAfterPaint event instead of a Load event.

Currently this is only active on Mozilla-Central as we will run the numbers side by side to ensure we get a solid new baseline number.  In addition we upgraded the version of flash we are using and this seems to cause a small increase in the numbers as well.

We will run these side by side for a week and then we will turn off the non paint versions.  This will go branch by branch until we have no more side by side tests running.  If you look at the talos names, the original tests are marked as old_{testname} (i.e. old_tp, or old_chrome), and on the graph server the new tests are called {testname}_paint (i.e. tp_paint, tdhtml_paint, etc…)



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