My new MacBook Pro has reflection problems

A couple weeks ago I traded out my old MacBook Pro for a newer one!  Very cool.  The problem is when I spent a week copying data and setting up my new computer it was rainy and cloudy (in Miami) so I never got a chance to experience the reflection.

This week brought a lot of sunshine and a lot of glare.  My back faces the windows which get a lot of sunlight (especially in the morning.)  This isn’t ideal for a lot of things, but I keep my blinds down and have had success for the last year and a half with my old MBP.  I found that the screen in general is very reflective, especially the non screen part of the display panel.  Here is my $0.01 solution to reducing the majority of my glare:


Apple, please design products for people to use in locations other than Seattle!


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7 responses to “My new MacBook Pro has reflection problems

  1. Boris

    They do still sell (for a premium) macbook pros with antiglare displays…

  2. The anti-glare upgrade is worth every penny.

    I still hate glossy displays. My next work laptop will likely be glossy, but I generally have it dark enough where it won’t be an issue. My personal MBP… is anti-glare.

  3. Just as an FYI, I live in Seattle, and my desk at work is pointed so that my monitors get the full glare of the sun for the first few hours of my work day (and then the sun shines in my eyes for an hour at the end of the day), at least six months out of the year.

    Perhaps you meant “Apple, please design products for people to use in locations other than windowless basements!” ? 🙂

    Just doing what I can to dispel the “it’s always cloudy in Seattle” myth.

  4. Just work in the windowless basement like the rest of us. 😛

  5. Toe

    It’s an Apple product, you’re not supposed to care about anything but the shiny. 😉

  6. Apple is rocky 🙂 Antiglare monitors are very nice but when you have an Apple you must be happy i think 🙂 I got an Ipad and an Iphon4 now and i am saving money for an Antiglare Macbook !

  7. Pete Moss

    I personally think Apple messed up really bad on this glare issue. As pretty as it looks it’s very problematic when working in various locations. I was forced to purchase an anti glare coating so I could work without getting headaches.

    I recommend the anti-glare screen.

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