Orange Factor and the WOO-Tang Clan

I have silently put up a tool call Orange Factor early last month as part of the War On Orange (WOO) project.  Over the last few weeks I have been iterating on this and working with jgriffin, jhammel, mcote and ctalbert (some have referred to us as the WOO-tang clan) to make this more useful and accurate.  Let me outline a few features of the site to give you a general introduction.

To start off with I know it takes a long time to load, but it should load in <30 seconds.   All the data is collected from bugs that are blocking randomorange.  This is done by parsing the comments and linked tinderbox logs to determine the frequency and type of failure.  We display a graph that tracks the cumulative orange factor (failure/push) over time.  NOTE: we are going off the number of pushes, not the number of tests ran.


Orange Factor graph

Graph of the Orange Factor over time

Next there is  the Heatmap.  This is similar to what you see on tinderboxpushlog, except this is color code by the number of failures.

Overall HeatMap

Overall HeatMap

From the HeatMap, you can click on a specific value to see more details about that test run (in the time range).  For example, here is OSX MoOth:

OSX MOth Testrun

OSX MOth Testrun

Ok, this is really cool.  You can click on each day and filter down to the specific day, also at the top, you see the drop down select boxes.  This is super awesome because you can slice and dice up the data to view it just how you want.

Next I want to show you what the view looks like for a specific day.  On the left hand side of the webpage is a Calendar, you can click any day (I clicked Sept 11th) or click the day on a test run or orange factor graph (hover your mouse over the graph and a link will show up).

Daily Test Results for all tests by Platform

Daily Test Results for all tests by Platform

You should get the point that there are many ways to view the data.  Actually probably too much information!  So lately we have been working on some bug centric views.  To start off with, we have a topfails style report but this is based on bugs, not failures in log files.  To get here, click on the “Research and Top Bugs” link on the right hand side of the page.  Here is a  “weekly” view that is the top 5 bugs per week:

Top 5 Bugs every 7 days

Top 5 Bugs every 7 days

Hover over the color bars to see the bug number and research it in more details.  Here is what you see when viewing a specific bug (544601):

Individual Bug Graph over Time

Individual Bug Graph over Time

Orange Factor has much more to offer, just poke around and see how you can make it useful.  Feedback is welcome, and feel free to ask any questions in #ateam!


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2 responses to “Orange Factor and the WOO-Tang Clan

  1. Fantastic!

    It’s really great to have so many of these new mozilla tools be so easily hackable. The mozmill-dashboard is also very exciting, for example. The CouchApp idiom is definitely more mozilla than python/ruby fronting a SQL database. (Unless the database has a reasonably thorough JSON exposure or has reasonably-sized dumps available.)

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