n900 and sip calling

while spending a lot of time with my n900, i have found it not very useful as a sip phone because the lack of dtmf tones for a sip account. on my n810 i could call into conferences just fine, but the n900 will not allow me to enter the conference number.

i did some googling and found:

looks like i need to update my os to make this happen.

*blogged from my n900 and fennec*


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3 responses to “n900 and sip calling

  1. elvis314

    As a side note, it was very cool that I could use CTRL+C/V to cut/paste on my n900. That is how I got the URL added to my posting 🙂

  2. Personally, I find the lack of an e-mail client (unlike the 810) annoying.

  3. elvis314

    Actually there is a halfway decent pop3/imap(4) email client built in. Alternatively, you can use Fennec to browse webmail (zimbra, hotmail, gmail, ymail) with no problem (at least on wifi).

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