tpan – first draft

I got this wrapped up into patch and last night got it working on a deployed n810!

Here is what it took:

  • creating a shell page that took queryString parameters and controlled fennecmark
  • modifying fennecmark to take control commands
  • modifying fennecmark to report data correctly
  • modifying fennecmark to use a local webpage instead of a page on the internet
  • modifying the talos mobile.config to support fennecmark

the shell page and control commands go hand in hand. Here I created a very simple .html page which utilized the eventdata to communicate between privileged and no privileged modes:

    var test = "";
    function parseParams() {
      var s =;
      var params = s.split('&');
      for (var i = 0; i < params.length; ++i) {
        var fields = params[i].split('=');
        switch (fields[0]) {
        case 'test':
          test = fields[1];
    if (test == "Zoom" || test == "PanDown") {
      var element = document.createElement("myExtensionDataElement");
      element.setAttribute("attribute1", test);

      var evt = document.createEvent("Events");
      evt.initEvent("myExtensionEvent", true, false);

This is a very simple and basic page, but it does the trick. On the fennecmark side, I created a listener which upon receiving an event, would get the testname to run and kick off fennecmark inside of overlay.js:

var myExtension = {
  myListener: function(evt) {
    var test ="attribute1");
    if (test == "Zoom") { BenchFE.tests = [LagDuringLoad, Zoom]; };
    if (test == "PanDown") { BenchFE.tests = [LagDuringLoad, PanDown]; };

    setTimeout(function() {BenchFE.nextTest(); }, 3000);

The next modification to fennecmark is to fix the report.js script and conform to the talos reporting standards:

    if (pretty_array(this.panlag) == null) {
      tpan = "__start_report" + median_array(this.zoominlag) + "__end_report";
    else {
      tpan = "__start_report" + this.pantime + "__end_report";

One quirky thing here is since I am only running pan or zoom, I check if pan is null and print zoom, otherwise just print pan. I suspect as I near this code to a checkin state I will make this more flexible.

Lastly to finish this off, I need to point fennecmark at a page that is local, not on the internet. My initial stab at doing everything had me developing with the standalone pageset which doesn’t life on the production talos boxes. After some back and forth with Aki, I learned what I needed to do and modified pageload.js to do this:

browser.loadURI("http://localhost/page_load_test/pages/", null, null, false);

Ok, now I have a toolset to work with. What do we need to do for talos to install and recognize it. I found out that in the .config file there is a section that deals with extensions:

# Extensions to install in test (use "extensions: {}" for none)
# Need quotes around guid because of curly braces
# extensions : 
#     "{12345678-1234-1234-1234-abcd12345678}" : c:\path\to\unzipped\xpi
# : c:\path\to\other\unzipped\xpi
#extensions : { bench@taras.glek : /home/mozilla/Desktop/talos/tpan }
extensions : {}

#any directories whose contents need to be installed in the browser before running the tests
# this assumes that the directories themselves already exist in the firefox path
  chrome : page_load_test/chrome
  components : page_load_test/components
  chrome : tpan/chrome

Here, I needed to add a new directory for chrome: tpan/chrome. In order to make this work, I needed to create a .jar file out of fennecmark instead of an unzipped extension in the profile (similar to dom inspector). This was a frustrating process until I found Ted’s wizard. After running the wizard, copying my code, tweaking to keep the .jar and running the script, I had what I needed.

The last step is to add the raw config to mobile.config so fennecmark will run:
tests :

- name: tpan
  shutdown: false
  url: tpan/fennecmark.html?test=PanDown
  resolution: 1
  cycles : 1
  timeout : 60
  win_counters: []
  unix_counters : []
- name: tzoom
  shutdown: false
  url: tpan/fennecmark.html?test=Zoom
  resolution: 1
  cycles : 1
  timeout : 60
  win_counters: []
  unix_counters : []

This leaves me at a good point where we can run fennecmark. Next steps are to solidify reporting, decide where to check in the fennecmark code (not just the .jar) and finally make any adjustments needed to get the installation, running and reporting well documented and stable.

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