tpan for fennec – intial overview

My project this week is to add some fennec specific performance measurements to talos. Taras has written a great fennecmark tool that is an extension which measures page load, pan, and zoom.

My work flow is to:

  1. integrate fennec mark into talos as tpan
  2. update tpan to include more comprehensive tests
  3. make tpan simulate slow network latencies

Talos is a great framework that the mozilla crew has developed to measure performance metrics on a regular basis. It is a lightweight toolset and easy to setup/install locally, even for Fennec. I found it very straightforward to set this up and get talos results on my local linux box.

In order to meet the needs of the Fennec project and get this up and running, we are just going to implement step 1 and add the additional steps as projects on the fennec testdev page.

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