using dom inspector with fennec

Today I dove in headfirst on automating bookmarks from browser-chrome. I normally read the code to figure out what is going on, but instead installed DOM Inspector and my life became much easier.

I found a post on mfinkle’s blog and started there. This didn’t work so well (we have incremented Fennec version since it was last modified) so I installed it on firefox and then copied the extension to fennec. This can be done by looking in your extensions directory inside your profile ~/.mozilla/firefox//extensions/* and then copying all of that to ~/.mozilla/fennec//extensions/

This is all assuming you have installed Fennec and it uses your default profile directory. In my case, I have many versions of Fennec, so I have to go into my Fennec/extensions directory and copy the to it.

Ok, once installed, I fired up fennec, and hit CTRL+SHIFT+I and up popped the inspector. Being a n00b, I didn’t figure out the file->”inspect chrome document” for about 5 minutes, then it started making sense and I was able to drill down and figure out the layout inside of Fennec.


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