debugging in wince

In my challenge to bring Firefox automation to Windows Mobile, I have encountered many hurdles (such as getting the build to work, launching processes, using python and figuring out why my scripts are failing).  After mentioning this to some of my co-workers at the Mozilla all-hands, I was told you could run a program on a device from Visual Studio using the debugger.

As soon as I got to the office the next day, I setup and gave this a try.  In true hacker sense, I just fired up visual studio, created a new empty project and started poking around.  I started in project->settings, and found the “debugging” area where I could enter a program and arguments.  This part can be difficult as you need the full path to the program name and any arguments in the right (windows) format.

Next I found Tools->Connect to Device and Tools->Security Manager to get my device connected.  One of the keys here was to choose a real device in the device picker vs. an emulator (and of course have the device connected via active sync).  Ok, now I hit debug (F5) in Visual Studio, and I am debugging.

This took me about an hour to figure out with no tips, wiki, or google help.  The end result is I didn’t get all the debug information I would like to get, but I found a faster way to launch and get my error messages than any other method I used in the past.

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